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for the hopeless romantics, secret admirers, and lovesick puppies out there
a site dedicated to the art of the crush and to the quest for true love

my secret celeb crushes

Name: Omar Epps, actor
Fave: (movie) Love & Basketball
Features: huge gorgeous eyes & lips
Charm: it's all in those eyes
Attraction: yeah
Name: Lorenz Tate, actor
Fave: (movie) Love Jones
Features: smile
Charm: cute, boyish innocent appeal
Attraction: funny & sweet
Name: Common,rapper
Fave: (song) The Light
Features: whole facial structure
Charm: brotha's got soul & peace mentality
Attraction: I like the stylish clothes he wears
Name: ?uestlove, drummer for The Roots
Fave: (song) You Got Me
Features: the fro & wrinkled forehead look
Charm: it's all in the name + he carries a certain mystique "?"
Attraction: he's a drummer