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10.04.01 Playlist: Get Ready

Note: This will be the first part of a series that will continue later. Program contains explicit terms that may be offensive. Fair warning.

1) "Penitentiary Philosophy" Erykah Badu
2) "If There's Hell Below" Curtis Mayfield
3) "Devil's Pie" D'angelo
4) "Family Business" The Fugees
5) "Get Ready" Silent Poets f/ Ursula Rucker
6) "Run Nigger" The Last Poets
7) "Just Live" Poor Righteous Teachers
8) "I Refuse Limitation" Goodie Mob
9) "Pride" Arrested Development
10) "The Message" Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (random joint)
11) "On My Own" Black Eyed Peas f/ Les Nubians & Mos Def
12) "The Sixth Sense" Common f/ Bilal
Bonus Tracks:
13) "Oh Freedom (I Didn't Ask To Come Here)" Ngoma
14) "The Experience" Goodie Mob
15) "When The Revolution Comes" The Last Poets
16) "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" Gill Scott-Heron
posted by Natasha Reed 9/29/2001 09:40:45 PM archives

9.27.01 Playlist: Step Into A World

1) "Looking For The Perfect Beat" Afrika Bambataa & The Soul Sonic Force
2) "Apache" Sugar Hill Gang
3) "Human Beat Box" The Fat Boys
4) "It's Tricky" Run DMC
5) "If I Ruled The World" Kurtis Blow
6) "Krush Groovin" The Fat Boys, Run DMC, Sheila E, Kurtis Blow
7) "My Mic Sounds Nice" Salt N Pepa
8) "Supersonic" J J Fad
9) "The Show" Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick
10) "Pass The Dutchie" Muscial Youth (random joint)
11) "It's Yours" T-La Rock & DJ Jazzy Jay
12) "Step Into A World" KRS-One
posted by Natasha Reed 9/23/2001 01:25:34 AM archives