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11.01.01 Playlist: A Change Is Coming
(see muziac notes for statement about this show)

1) "A Change Is Gonna Come" Sam Cooke
2) "Raining Revolution" Arrested Development
3) "A Choice of Colors" The Impressions
4) "Everyday People" Sly and The Family Stone
5) "Cell Therapy" Goodie Mob
6) "Strange Fruit" Billie Holiday
7) "Can't Truss it" Public Enemy
8) "Mister Landlord" Arrested Development
9) "Haven't Done Nothing" Stevie Wonder
10) "Refugees On The Mic" The Fugees (random joint)
11) "We Want Freedom" Dead Prez
12) "Don't Explain" The Underground Railroad
13) "People Get Ready" The Impressions
14) "Good Mourning" Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek
15) "Ooh Child" The Five Staristeps
16) "By The Rivers Of Babylon" Ase
posted by Natasha Reed 11/2/2001 07:58:18 AM archives