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2.7.02 Playlist: Lessons subject to change...

1) "Mighty, Mighty" Earth, Wind and Fire
2) "Sing A Simple Song" Sly and The Family Stone
3) "Jungle Brother (Stereo MC's mix)" Jungle Brothers
4) "Evolution" Pharcyde
5) "Strength, Courage and Wisdom" India Arie
6) "Supa Sista" Ursula Rucker
7) "Digital Garden" Prince
8) "Sack Full of Dreams" Donny Hathaway
9) "Flying Easy" Donny Hathaway
10) "tba from Brer Soul" Melvin Van Peebles (random joint)
11) "Clocks In Sync With Mine" Speech
12) "Hey Young World" Macy Gray

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posted by Natasha Reed 2/4/2002 08:26:42 PM archives