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Bringing on the Revolution......

note: I will repeat this series next month either at another time slot or after my regular scheduled hour. I will also post the playlists here.

Okay. The sociologist in me has inspired a series that I will be continuing for the remainder of the semester. It's a four part "revolutionary" series. I have other "lighter" shows in mind that I go back to later and continue with next semester. Until then however...... I don't know what particularly inspired this series. My ear has always been opened more to songs with a more socio-political agenda. Music can be a powerful tool in inspiring people to move. I have been inspired. You always either get a group who is more social in their message by choice and others who do other things but feel moved to make a statement about something that's been on their mind. I am learning the power of being a DJ. I get to put all these songs together and let them speak to each other. The conversation has been intense. The same message. Different perspectives and twists. Differents funks. Each show I give a brief warning as to the shows' language and graphic content. Hopefully no one is offended. That isn't my intent. I just want to educate. I leave the shows unedited because I want to maintain the integrity of the pieces and because it's reality. If you're trying to awaken minds, you can't mess around with the same cloak that tries to shield truth. If I were to be daring and get more personal, a greater expalantion could probably be offered as to what moves so deeply in me to inspire this. I'll let the music speak for me though. I hope others hear these and receive some light. I welcome all feedback. Well, all except statements of ignorance. If clarification is needed I am open to give it.

Here's the series by titles. See playlists for tracks.
I. Get Ready
II. A Change Is Coming
III. Making It Clear
IV. The Revolution Is Here

Revolution is often viewed as chaos and destruction. It is looked upon with fear and revolutionaries are seen as radical extremists who are dangerous and insane. That is a false view I believe. Revolution means change. In order for change to occur (real change) the previous system sometimes has to be destroyed. People are usually afraid of change. We would rather hold on to the comfort of that which is already established even if it isn't healthy all because change sends us into an unfamiliar place. It holds responsibilities that we either aren't ready to face or don't want to. Change is extremely necessary. It brings growth and progress. Although this series may seem to be about a specific revolution and a specific struggle, I hope the overall message is understood. The revolution is about personal change. That's where it all begins anyway. Personal growth is necessary for greater change in humanity. It solidifies it and gives it more power and potential. We face our own demons as well as those of the world. We have to conquer them all.
posted by Natasha Reed 11/2/2001 08:25:06 AM

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