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My Profile

Name:Natasha Reed
Birthplace/ Hometown:Chattanooga, Tennessee
Cultural Background:African-American
Marital Status:Single, will patiently wait for soulmate
Astro Sign:Sagitarius: seeker of knowledge and truth
(the truth is out there and I know it)
Interesting Fact: I was born with a veil over my eyes. There's an old wives' tale or something that says it means I have second sight. My mom told me this when I was little and I used to think I was psychic. Unfortunately, I'm not, but I used to have dejavu moments all the time and I was convinced someday I would see the future.

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Follow these links to see where I am from

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    this is my other website at school
  • Randolph-Macon Woman's College
    this is the college I am currently attending
  • Girls' Preparatory School
    this is the high school I attended

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