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Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting my site. I am in the processes of renovating it as those of you who may have been here before will notice. I have added lots of stuff and right now I'm trying to get everything organized. My purpose for this site is to use it as an creative outlet for myself and to gain some experience in webpage creation and design. I've been working on it on and off it since 1998 and it has undergone many changes, all for the better. I started off with Quest which I created partly as a by product of my experience in my 12th grade English class. We had read several texts and writings on the topic of spirituality which is a strong interest of mine so I used that topic as the subject of my first attempt at creating a webpage. I also decided to engage in other web activity such as webrings and clubs creating my own webring for sites dealing with spirituality and my own club at Yahoo! for my next website dedicated to my favorite TV show, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". After the show was cancelled in 1998, I discovered the immense web community of DQ fans and decided to create my own fansite. I had started one more page, that I never really actually finish called,"Planet Rock" which I am now re-creating on a fansite I had made for Lauryn Hill.
The main site which links to these other sites I had created before, "Mi Casa Es Tu Casa" was started to link all the other sites and to create a more personal site that I could use to express myself more. Hence now I have begun to make the site more reflected of me and to make it my own home on the web. My goal is to make this site a portal for others to use to explore the web. The sites I link to here are sites that reflect my interests and topics that I think are important. This site is also to serve as my way of communicating with the vast world of people connected by the web and to offer my commentary on the world evolving around us.

Thank you for visiting.
I hope you have enjoyed your stay.

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