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The WarpZone

I thought I had come up with a cool, unique title for a personal homepage, but I then thought wouldn't it be cooler if I made it like a home. Right now it just has some links pages, a profile page, and a mini-store project I'm working on. The links to my other sites seem irrelevant to whatever it is I'm trying to do here. So I made a vow to myself to get organized and revolutionize this site. I will make it my "home" on the web. It will be like my webhouse (like clubhouse...whatever?) and I am going to add so much stuff. Not to clutter it, though. I like the simple design, but I'm prepared to take to the next level. So I ask of you, my kind, gentle viewer, to bare with me as I do this. Visit my site regularly, recommend it to your friends. I promise to have enough interactive, cool stuff so that you won't mind coming back. Share your comments with me. Do you like it, dislike it?
This page itself, although the name may change from something less wacky, will be a portal to the far away galaxies in my mind. What? Okay, it will have random content that will probably make you think I'm crazy. It will be like the wacky house of my little carnival here.
I hope that you will find all of this enjoyable. Muchas gracias!

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